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Three rounds and a sound.

Semi-Automatic Story (SAS) is an open-ended sandbox RPG for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, taking place in the strange land of Varsity, a distant country of mist, ancient hillsides, and mystery.

It rains often in the forested region of Varsity, where towering cities of pale stone collect the rainfall into gutters and canals, powering mills and turbines. In the biggest cities, Armalite, Mauser and Kiev, great engines – beautiful, creaking constructs of wood and iron – automate the laborious manufacturing processes of the land’s economy, helping the citizens harvest crops and craft fine goods with an ease not known in most countries.

The country is a vast island, just off the coast of a much larger landmass. These nations are foreign devils, envious of the life-giving seed of technology enjoyed by the Varsites. Many attempts have been made to plunder the region but all invaders learn, quickly, that the ancient country will surrender its people to nothing.

Countless historical records tell of great beasts, legendary things of brick and stone that stand as high as a dragon. In older days, historical times that Varsity’s oldest bastards can scarcely remember, these colossal sights were only part of a greater mystery, a single component linked to the temples that line the perimeter of the island. They call out to you and demand you come, demand you pay them tribute.

They have been sleeping so long. They must be opened. Come.

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